What does Cast Aluminum Mean?

Surface treatment of aluminum
Surface Treatment of Aluminum

Cast aluminum box is a box made of aluminum raw material by die-casting method, to be precise, the molten aluminum is poured into the mold, and the processing of cast aluminum box is completed after cooling, tapping, degreasing, surface treatment and assembly.

Generally speaking, the aluminum material used for casting needs to be prepared with pure aluminum and aluminum alloy ingots in standard composition ratio, and then heated into aluminum alloy liquid or molten state, and then the liquid or molten aluminum alloy is poured into the cavity through a professional mold or corresponding process, and formed into the desired state through cooling as a process method. The rough parts of the cast aluminum box need to go through phosphate treatment to remove impurities and grease before surface treatment. Generally speaking, the cast aluminum box adopts spraying surface treatment, which is beautiful, not easy to change color, and the cost is relatively low.

Generally speaking, in the field of industrial control, various plates and aluminum products are a carrier of industrial parts, and cast aluminum boxes are also.

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