What are the Advantages of the Electrostatic Spraying Process?

EV Charging Enclosure 
EV Charging Enclosure

The principle of electrostatic spraying process is the use of the corona discharge principle makes the atomized paint in the high-voltage electric field under the action of suction discharge to make the paint attached to the surface of the workpiece of a coating process, mainly by the spray gun, spray cup and electrostatic spraying high-voltage power supply, etc., so why more and more people are keen to choose electrostatic spraying process?

1、Reduced the waste of paint. The use of electrostatic spraying processing process can increase the number of pigments attached to the surface of the workpiece to a greater extent.

2、Improve the appearance of sheet metal workpiece. Electrostatic spraying can make the sheet metal workpiece look new, and can renovate some sheet metal workpieces that have been used for several years, making them look new.

3、Improve the efficiency of the work. Electrostatic spraying is fast, easy to dry, faster drying than wet spraying method, no high temperature baking, so it can improve the efficiency of spraying.

4、Strengthen the corrosion resistance of sheet metal workpiece. If the sheet metal workpiece needs to be exposed to the air for a long time, the electrostatic spraying process can improve the corrosion resistance of the sheet metal workpiece to a large extent.

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