Why Laser Cutting Stainless Steel with Nitrogen Cutting?

Custom Made Metal Box
Custom Made Metal Box

Laser cutting machine in cutting materials such as steel plates or stainless steel, will use laying gas, such as the use of oxygen as a laying gas will produce an exothermic reaction, especially in cutting carbon steel, this type of program is widely known.

In this process, oxygen is used at the projection point of the laser beam on the metal surface, heating the steel plate and bringing about an exothermic reaction that brings the temperature of the area to the melting point, where the melted metal is blown out by the blowing wind and detached from the material, eventually forming a smooth, cut surface with an oxide layer.

But on the other hand, when cutting stainless steel, because stainless steel has a higher melting point, its characteristics are different, when the cutting quality and smoothness are taken into account in the assessment, due to the use of oxidation as a laying gas will constitute residual oxide on the surface of the metal, so that the cutting quality does not achieve better results. In order to solve this problem, after repeated studies by laser experts, finally take nitrogen as a laying gas, because nitrogen is a process of heat absorption, in essence, evaporation, ablation process, higher pressure means higher operating costs. Nozzle diameter has a greater impact on gas consumption, so cutting thicker materials require larger nozzles, so cutting stainless steel generally take nitrogen as a secondary gas.

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