Why do Aluminum Alloys need to be Anodized?

With decorative:After the anodic oxidation treatment, a protective film will be formed on the surface of aluminum profiles, and this protective film has high translucency.

custom sheet metal box
Custom Sheet Metal Box

Non-conductive: Aluminum profile itself is conductive, but after the anodizing treatment, it is not conductive. So a lot of electrically charged equipment can be made of aluminum profiles, which can isolate some dangerous sources and reduce the damage of current to property and goods. The oxide film obtained after anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloy products has a large resistance, so it has a certain role in improving the electrical insulation of some products, which can be used to prepare the dielectric layer of the capacitor by anodic oxidation, and can also use aluminum oxide to prepare the insulating layer for its surface.

With anti-corrosion:Since the film layer obtained from anodic oxidation itself has enough stability in the atmosphere, the oxide film on the surface of aluminum can be used as a protective layer. The oxide film obtained by anodizing aluminum in chromic acid solution is dense and has good corrosion resistance; the pores of the oxide film obtained from sulfuric acid solution are larger than the former, but its film layer is thicker and has strong adsorption capacity, and its corrosion resistance is also very good if it is properly filled and closed. It is particularly noted that the chromic acid anodizing method is particularly suitable for the anodizing of riveted sheet metal parts and welded sheet metal parts.

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