Which of the Four Metal Cutting Methods of Sheet Metal Processing Factory Do You Know?


Custom Made Aluminium Boxes
Custom Made Aluminium Boxes

Nowadays, many common items in our life are manufactured by sheet metal processing, from large to bus station billboards, refrigerators, lockers, etc., to small to cell phones, some size mechanical parts, accessories, etc. All the above listed items need to be cut or bent. Metal cutting is one of the processing, the following is about the four ways of metal cutting, please follow me to understand.

One: Cutting by cutting saw. At present, many metal sheet metal processing plants commonly use cutting saws as a metal cutting method, generally with a click-driven cutting saw blade rotation, used to cut metal and other objects;

Two, electric welding cutting. This cutting method is to first melt the metal with flammable gas, and then cut it. The flammable gas generally used is acetylene, and sparks will be generated when cutting, so the operator needs to pay attention to protection when carrying out the operation;;

Third, cutting wire. This cutting method uses molybdenum wire to cut the metal, in the equipment molybdenum wire running at high speed to achieve the role of cutting.

Fourth, plasma cutting. This cutting method uses gas as the conductive medium, and the gas has the heat to directly melt the metal, and the molten state of the metal can be cut directly after the hardness drops.

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