What is the Structure of a Sheet Metal Cabinet?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and technology level, there are various ways of manufacturing sheet metal cabinets, which can be made by using whole panels or by using inserts with corresponding size specifications. Before choosing a sheet metal cabinet, it is important for us to understand its specific structure to enhance the working performance of the cabinet and improve its quality. The following is a brief introduction to the structure of sheet metal cabinets.

Metal Enclosure Box
Metal Enclosure Box

The structure of sheet metal cabinet is mainly composed of base, front and rear doors, side doors, front and rear frames, top cover, corner gauge and crossbeam, which generally adopts the assembly-ready structure to facilitate assembly, coupling and movement. In terms of structure, there are two ways to classify sheet metal cabinets:

1、According to the frame of the cabinet, it can be divided into whole board type and column and beam combination type.

2. According to the way of cabinet corner connection, it can be divided into four forms, such as bonding connection, screw connection, pin connection and welding connection.

From these types of forms, we can see that the processing and manufacturing process of sheet metal cabinets mainly involves the three processes of welding, shearing and bending, which are also the main processes of sheet metal processing technology.

The sheet metal cabinet is cold drawn according to the metal plate, and the same kind of sheet metal parts have the same thickness. The sheet metal structure cabinet is a solid overall structure with strong connection, and the fixed immovable dragging plate with strong load capacity is chosen to make the cabinet more solid on the one hand, and to facilitate the smooth operation of the control system on the other hand.

The corner gauge of the sheet metal cabinet, in order to make the cabinet can be stable grounding device, generally choose color zinc plating multi-faceted solution. The front and rear doors of the sheet metal cabinet choose high density mesh structure, which can effectively reduce the electromagnetic wave radiation of the internal facilities of the cabinet. The centrifugal fan housing of the sheet metal cabinet is formed in one time, and the vibration of the centrifugal fan is weakened reasonably. The appearance of the sheet metal cabinet carries out sandblasting treatment and electrostatic spraying production processing, and the overall structure selects anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying technicality, which can reasonably resist corrosion and strong acid and alkali.

To sum up, it is the structural characteristics and classification way of sheet metal cabinet. In addition, in order to ensure that the quality of sheet metal cabinets can meet the requirements, when carrying out structural design of sheet metal cabinets, we should first clarify the design performance of sheet metal cabinets, and on this basis, use various new processes to design sketches, specify the size and structure, and determine the strength, so that the technical parameters of sheet metal cabinets can meet the design requirements.

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