What is the Process of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Plating?

Sheet Metal Enclosure
Sheet Metal Enclosure

The process of zinc alloy die casting plating generally includes the following steps.

Cleaning: Put the zinc alloy die casting into the cleaning tank and clean it with cleaning agent to remove the oil and impurities on the surface.

Pickling: Put the cleaned zinc alloy die casting into the pickling tank and pickle with pickling solution to remove the oxidation layer and other impurities on the surface.

Re-cleaning: Put the pickled zinc alloy die casting into the cleaning tank again and clean it with cleaning agent to remove the pickling liquid residue and other impurities.

Pre-treatment: The cleaned zinc alloy die casting is put into the pre-treatment tank for surface treatment to increase the surface roughness and adhesion.

Plating: The pretreated zinc alloy die castings are placed into the plating tank for plating. In the plating bath, zinc ions are reduced to metallic zinc to form a zinc plating layer. The thickness and performance of the plating layer of the zinc alloy die casting can be adjusted as needed.

Cleaning: The zinc alloy die casting after plating is put into the cleaning tank and cleaned with cleaning agent to remove the plating solution residue and other impurities.

Drying: The cleaned zinc alloy die casting is put into the drying tank for drying treatment to make its surface fully dry.

The above is the basic process of zinc alloy plating. The plating process may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product to product. When plating, attention needs to be paid to maintain a certain temperature, current density and plating time to ensure the uniformity and quality of the plating layer. It is also necessary to carry out quality inspection and packaging, etc.

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