What are the Types of Laser Cutting Machines?

 Custom Made Metal Boxes
Custom Made Metal Boxes

Classified by the type of cutting material: there are two types of metal laser cutting machine and non-metal laser cutting machine, generally need metal materials when using metal cutting machine, cutting non-metal materials when using non-metal cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machine can be used for non-contact cutting of metal plates and tubes, especially suitable for cutting stainless steel plates, iron plates and other materials, and has excellent processing effect on various high hard and brittle alloys. Non-metal laser cutting machine can be used to cut materials other than metal.

Classification by laser type: can be divided into fiber laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide gas laser cutting machine.

Classification by laser output power: can be divided into high power laser cutting machine, medium power laser cutting machine, low power laser cutting machine, different applications require different laser output power, in the industrial field, the high power fiber laser cutting machine, and in the field of laser engraving, the medium power laser engraving cutting machine.

According to the classification of cutting machine plate width: can be divided into two types of standard width cutting machine and large format cutting machine, standard width cutting machine cutting range area is generally in 3000mm * 1500mm, 4000mm * 2000mm or so.

According to the size of the laser cutting machine classification: can be divided into small laser cutting machine and large laser cutting machine, general advertising signs, metal crafts and other industries use small laser cutting machine, large laser cutting machine is mainly used in sheet metal processing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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