How do You Choose Sheet Metal Material?

Material Selection:  
The materials generally used in sheet metal processing are cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled sheet (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC, SGCC), copper (CU) brass, purple copper, beryllium copper, aluminum (6061, 5052, 1010, 1060, 6063, hard aluminum, etc.), aluminum profiles, stainless steel (mirror, brushed surface, matte surface), depending on the role of the product, the choice of materials is different. Generally need to be considered from the product its use and cost.

(1) cold-rolled plate SPCC, mainly with electroplating and baking paint parts, low cost, easy to shape, material thickness ≤ 3.2mm.
(2) hot-rolled sheet SHCC, material T ≥ 3.0mm, also with electroplating, baking paint parts, low cost, but difficult to form, mainly with flat parts.
(3) galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic sheet is divided into N material, P material, N material is not mainly for surface treatment, high cost, P material for spraying parts.
(4) Copper; mainly used for conductive parts, its surface treatment is nickel-plated, chromium-plated, or no treatment, high cost.
(5) aluminum plate; generally with surface chromate (J11-A), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, with silver plating, nickel plating.
(6) aluminum profile; cross-sectional structure of complex material, a large number of plug boxes used in a variety of. Surface treatment with aluminum plate.
(7) stainless steel; mainly used without any surface treatment, and high cost.

Commonly Used Materials:  
Galvanized steel SECC
The substrate of SECC is the general cold-rolled steel coil, which becomes the galvanized product after degreasing, pickling, plating and various post-treatment processes in the continuous galvanized production line, SECC not only has the mechanical properties and similar processability of the general cold-rolled steel sheet, but also has superior corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. It is a competitive and alternative product in the market of electronic products, home appliances and furniture. For example, SECC is commonly used in computer cases.

General Cold Rolled Sheet SPCC
SPCC is a steel ingot continuously rolled into coils or sheets of the required thickness by a cold rolling mill. the surface of SPCC has no protection and is easily oxidized when exposed to air, especially in humid environments where the oxidation rate is accelerated and dark red rust appears. the surface should be painted, plated or otherwise protected when in use.

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet SGCC
Hot dip galvanized steel coils are semi-finished products after hot pickling or cold rolling, cleaned, annealed and immersed in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 460°C to coat the steel with zinc, then tempered and leveled and chemically treated. SGCC material is harder than SECC material, less ductile (avoid deep drawing design), thicker zinc layer, and less weldable.

Stainless steel SUS304
One of the most widely used stainless steel, because it contains Ni (nickel), it is richer than Cr (chromium) containing steel corrosion resistance, heat resistance, has very good mechanical properties, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, no elasticity.

Stainless steel SUS301
Cr (chromium) content is lower than SUS304, corrosion resistance is poor, but after cold processing in the stamping process can obtain very good tensile strength and hardness, elasticity is better, mostly used for shrapnel springs and anti-EMI

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