Difference between server cabinet and network cabinet

Both the network cabinet and the server cabinet are 19 inch standard cabinets, which is the common ground between the network cabinet and the server cabinet!

The differences between network cabinet and server cabinet are as follows:

Server cabinet is used to install 19’standard equipment such as server, display and ups and non-19′ standard equipment. It has requirements in terms of depth, height and load-bearing of the cabinet. The width is generally 600mm and the depth is generally more than 900mm. Due to the large heat dissipation of internal equipment, the front and rear doors are equipped with ventilation holes;

The network cabinet is mainly used to store network equipment and accessories such as routers, switches, distribution frames, etc. the depth is generally less than 800mm, and the width is both 600 and 800mm. The front door is generally transparent tempered glass door, which does not have high requirements for heat dissipation and environment.

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