Application of Aluminum Alloy in Automotive Parts

First, the engine block

Automobile engine block is divided into upper cylinder block (cylinder head) and lower cylinder block, casting form is roughly divided into die-casting, low-pressure casting, gravity casting, upper cylinder block (cylinder head) and lower cylinder block are cast using aluminum alloy is most common in Japanese cars, but there are also upper cylinder block using cast iron material. The aluminum alloy parts of the car are not required to have single strength or single plasticity, it needs a combination of strength and plasticity.

Custom Stainless Steel Box
Custom Stainless Steel Box

Performance, requires a lower thermal expansion rate and better wear resistance. If the aluminum alloy parts have later heat treatment requirements, but also need to aluminum alloy ingot in calcium, titanium alloy element content and slag content of special requirements, in the technical requirements to clarify the impurity content and whether densification treatment, so as to avoid excessive impurities and due to strontium densification treatment caused by surface discoloration and poor air tightness and other material defects.

Second, the cylinder head: the second largest engine parts, parts are more complex, technical requirements are higher, generally using gravity casting or low-pressure casting, the main grades used are A356, AC2A, ALSi6Cu4, ALSi7Mg, ZL106, ZL107, etc.. Parts are required to have high heat resistance, impact resistance and fatigue strength and other comprehensive performance, the alloy ingot material requires a good tensile strength and yield strength and other comprehensive physical properties, the material porosity, grain size and densification treatment, should be consistent with the requirements of the organizational structure. According to the requirements of the parts, the defects of the material should be controlled within the corresponding range, so that it meets the requirements of the performance of the parts: the size of the primary silicon is less than 50 microns, the needle iron of the aluminum-silicon iron phase is less than 90 microns, the average grain size is greater than 7 levels, and the pinhole degree is less than 2 levels.

Third, the piston: according to the metallurgical properties and processing of the material, the general eutectic alloy material is more, but there are also requirements for small expansion coefficient of the product used eutectic alloy material. Piston parts ingot grades are mainly ALSi12CuMgNi, ZL109, ALSiCu1, AC8A, etc. The piston parts have comprehensive performance requirements of high strength and toughness, heat resistance and impact resistance, and the main feature of alloying elements is the nickel content, generally greater than 1%.

Fourth, end caps, brackets, valve bodies, manifolds end caps, brackets, valve bodies, manifolds and other aluminum alloy parts, the main material grades used are ADC12, ADC10, ALSi12Cu, ZL102, ZLD101, etc., such parts require aluminum alloy ingot material has a combination of strength and toughness of the comprehensive performance. Among them, ADC12, ZLD101 slag content of less than 1.5%, ingot shrinkage is less than one-third of the cross-section.

Fifth, the transmission case: the main aluminum alloy ingot material grades used are: ADC12, ADC10, 390, ZL102, G-ALSi10, 1016, etc.

Sixth, the steering wheel: the general use of aluminum alloy ingot material grades: ADT6, ALMg2Mn, etc., for the performance of the steering wheel requires good impact resistance and strength and corrosion resistance, these aluminum alloy materials are generally solid solution reinforced.

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