What details should be paid attention to in the processing of sheet metal cabinet?

At present, in the processing industry, sheet metal cabinet processing is one of the more prominent processing forms, because the sheet metal cabinet products with good strength and long service life can well protect the sheet metal cabinet equipment, so as to prevent any damage to the inner parts. However, in order to better ensure that the products processed by the sheet metal cabinet can meet the quality requirements, we need to pay attention to some details in the process of processing the sheet metal cabinet. what details should be paid attention to in the processing of sheet metal cabinet?

The following details shall be paid attention to in the processing of sheet metal cabinet:

  1. When bending the sheet metal cabinet, first confirm the cutter and groove used in bending according to the size and data thickness on the drawing. Preventing the deformation caused by the collision between the product and the cutter is the key to the selection of the upper die (in the same product, different models of upper die may be used), and the selection of the lower die is determined according to the thickness of the plate.
  2. The processing of sheet metal cabinet is complex. During manufacturing, it needs to use hands or tools to transform some metal plates into the shape and size required by customers. In this process, some parts need to be welded to achieve the design goal. Therefore, the material selection of sheet metal cabinet is very cautious. Generally, those relatively solid materials are selected.
  3. During the processing of sheet metal cabinet, the next process is usually entered after blanking, and different workpieces enter the corresponding process according to the processing requirements. There are bending, riveting, flanging, tapping, spot welding, convex hull, segment difference. Sometimes after bending one or two times, the nut or stud should be pressed well. The center with mold convex hull and segment difference should be processed first, so as to avoid the intervention of other processes after processing first, and the required processing cannot be completed. If there is a hook on the upper cover or lower shell(sheet metal cover), if it cannot be welded after bending, it should be processed before bending.
  4. The surface treatment shall be carried out after the bending, press riveting and other processes are completed. The treatment methods of different plate surfaces are different. After cold plate processing, the surface is generally electroplated. After electroplating, spraying treatment is not carried out. Phosphating treatment is adopted, and then spraying treatment is carried out. The surface of electroplated plates shall be cleaned, degreased and then sprayed.

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