What are the structure of the gantry milling machine

What are the structure of the gantry milling machine? Simply popularize it for everyone:

The gantry milling machine is composed of a portal frame, a bed worktable and an electric control system.

The portal frame is composed of uprights and top beams, with cross beams in the middle. The beam can move up and down along the guide rails of the two columns. There are 1 to 2 milling heads with vertical spindles on the beam, which can move laterally along the rail of the beam. A milling head with a horizontal spindle can be installed on the two columns, which can move up and down along the rails of the column. These milling heads can machine several surfaces at the same time. Each milling head has a separate electric motor (maximum power of 150 kilowatts), speed change mechanism, operating mechanism and main shaft components.

The horizontal long bed is framed with a movable workbench and covered with a protective cover. During processing, the workpiece is installed on the worktable and follows it for longitudinal feed movement. There are some variants of the gantry milling machine to adapt to different processing objects. ①Gantry boring and milling machine: The beam is equipped with a milling and boring milling and boring head gantry boring and milling head. Its main shaft (sleeve or ram) can make axial motor feed and has a motion fine-tuning device. The fine-tuning speed can be as low as 5 mm. /Minute. Boring and milling operations can be performed.

②Gantry drilling and milling machine: A power head is installed on the beam, and a drill or milling cutter can be installed through the connecting rod to complete drilling and milling operations. The machine body of the gantry milling machine is equipped with an X-axis guide rail, and the table of the gantry milling machine is fastened across the machine body. The movable spanning frame above the workbench is provided with a gantry frame, and the gantry frame also includes: a gantry carriage, which is movably clamped on the X-axis guide rail. The Z-axis guide rail is installed on the gantry. A cross beam is equipped with a Z-axis carriage, the cross beam is movably clamped on the Z-axis guide rail by the Z-axis carriage, and a Y-axis guide rail is also installed on the cross beam. The milling device, the milling device of the gantry milling machine is movably installed on the Y-axis guide rail, so that the gantry can be used for three-axis three-dimensional milling in X, Y, and Z under the control of the numerical control circuit control system. The CNC gantry milling machine has high-precision milling, drilling, boring, and cutting operations.

The above is the composition structure of the gantry milling machine, welcome to consult and purchase.

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