What are the methods of packaging and transportation of milling machines

What are the packaging and transportation methods of the milling machine? Let’s briefly understand:

The milling machine mainly refers to a machine tool that uses a milling cutter to process various surfaces of a workpiece. Usually the milling cutter is mainly active by rotating, and the movement of the workpiece and the milling cutter is the feed activity. It can process planes and grooves, as well as various curved surfaces, gears, etc.

Milling machines are mostly packed in wooden boxes. When wooden boxes are manufactured by wooden box manufacturers, they must comply with GB7284-98 “Frame Wooden Boxes”, GB/T13384-92 “Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Product Packaging General Technical Conditions” and related guidelines. The above-mentioned guidelines have made detailed regulations on the materials, structure, and moisture content of the packaging boxes.

The packing box inspection sampling must also refer to SN/T0275-93 “Export Commodity Transport Packaging Wooden Box Inspection Regulations” on time. The machine tool in the box should be provided with useful constants and gaskets, and its electrical appliances and processed unpainted surfaces should be treated with anti-rust and moisture-proof treatment, and its anti-rust useful period is two years. Machine tools should be kept in the warehouse during storage and detention time. When temporarily stored in the open air, they should be raised and covered to prevent rain and water. Marks such as the center of gravity of the box surface, rainproof, do not turn upside down, and handle with care shall be provided to ensure that the product arrives at the destination in a complete and safe manner during transportation.

The above is the packaging and transportation method of the milling machine, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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