What are the cutting processes of laser cutting machine?

The cutting process is as follows:

A. Melting cutting is to make the incident laser irradiate the plate at the speed of light. When the laser power reaches a certain critical value, it will melt the local area and achieve the effect of cutting.

B. Vaporization cutting uses high-power density laser beam to heat the processing materials to avoid the slag burr formed by melting caused by heat conduction. Some materials vaporize into steam and disappear, and the edge is beautiful.

C. Oxidation cutting refers to the thermal processing caused by the intense chemical reaction between the oxygen blown out of the nozzle and ignited by the laser Su; For brittle materials that are easy to be damaged by heat, high-speed and controllable cutting through laser beam heating will cause large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation in this area, resulting in cracks in the material, which is also known as controlled fracture cutting.

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