What are the costs for sheet metal processing

Many people will have a lot of questions when looking at the prices of other people when they need sheet metal processing plants to produce. I don’t know if they have been pitted or earned it by themselves. Then let’s take a look at the general cost of sheet metal processing. The costs that need to be considered in gold processing include material costs, standard parts or accessories costs, process processing costs, packaging costs, transportation costs, management costs, profits, etc. So let’s take a closer look below:

1. The cost of standard parts or accessories: refers to the cost of standard parts required by the drawing

2. Packaging fee: according to different products, packaging requirements are different, the price is different, generally 20-30 yuan / cubic meter.

3. Material cost: The material cost refers to the net material cost as required by the drawing = material volume x material density x material unit price + batch defect rate loss.

4. Process processing fee: refers to the processing cost required for each process required for processing into a product.

5. Transportation management fee: the transportation cost is allocated to the product.

6. Administrative expenses: Administrative expenses are divided into two parts, factory renting water and electricity and financial expenses. Factory leased water and electricity: The monthly cost of factory leased water and electricity is 150,000, and the monthly output value is calculated at 4 million. Financial expenses: Due to the mismatch between receivables and payable cycles, we need to hold down funds for at least 3 months, and the bank interest is 1.25-1.5%

7. Profit: Considering the long-term development of sheet metal processing plants and better serving customers, the general profit point is 10%-15%.

The above is the cost of sheet metal processing, I hope it will help you.

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