Sheet metal storage box

The storage box is a box (box) specially used for sorting out disordered items, which is equivalent to a garbage can, but it contains useful but infrequently used non garbage items. It is light and flexible. You can buy different shapes according to your needs, including square, round, diamond and so on. It can be storage boxes one by one, or it can be designed into storage cabinets in groups.

The storage box does not occupy the living room space. It can integrate or separate your home according to your needs to facilitate people’s sorting and storage.

The storage box is a simple and portable multi-functional storage box, which is used to classify and store small boxes. It can be placed vertically or horizontally. A box (box) that is specially used to tidy up disordered items and to store scattered small things at home. The storage box is designed to be foldable. Small objects such as books, newspapers, cosmetics, etc. can be placed. Beautiful and practical, folding and storage, no space, it is a good helper for daily use at home.

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