Sheet metal bracket

What is a bracket? In short, the bracket is an intermediate component used to fix one thing (such as a shelf) to another (such as a wall), and the bracket is connected to other parts with actual fasteners such as screws. In addition to establishing a connection between the two parts, the bracket can also provide support. Some supports (such as gusset plate supports) are designed with diagonal sections, which can reduce the strain on the support and enable it to support heavier loads. One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of manufacturing brackets, especially simple brackets such as corner brackets, is sheet metal manufacturing. The bracket is usually composed of two or more planes connected along an edge. The easiest way to make this object is usually to bend a flat object (i.e. a metal plate) at two or more positions: the simplest example is to add a flat rectangle bent at 90 ° to form a straight contour, and turn it into a bracket with an L-shaped contour.

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