Quality inspection of sheet metal laser processing

After the laser material is formed, it should be placed on the stacking rack of the laser material. It should be placed according to the classification of customers and laser parts. Do not throw the processed parts of the sheet metal chassis on the floor of the sheet metal workshop at will, which can completely avoid scratches and marks between the laser materials.

In addition to strict requirements for the production process of sheet metal chassis processing parts, each sheet metal part needs quality inspection. It is not only necessary to strictly control the size of the sheet metal parts according to the drawings, but also strictly control the appearance quality of the processed parts of the sheet metal chassis. The appearance is not allowed to have any scratch (flower) marks. The sheet metal parts that do not conform to the size shall be reworked or scrapped. In this way, we can compare whether there are errors in the drawings, whether there are bad operating habits in the manufacturing process, and whether there may be errors in the manufacturing process.

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