NC programming and NC machining

Modeling and programming for complex NC machining molds, three-dimensional modeling software should be used for model making. The commonly used software includes UG, Solidworks, Pro-E, etc. through computer simulation three-dimensional modeling, it can carry out detailed simulation and planning for each geometric element of the mold to be machined, and complete the programming through automatic programming software. After the programming is completed, the processing process and specific coordinates Cutting parameters and tool parameters shall be considered and verified. If there is a problem or need to be optimized, the program can be modified appropriately, so as to facilitate the trial machining and formal machining of the die.

The quality of NC programming has a great impact on the complexity of machining and the actual machining quality. A concise and correct NC program can significantly improve the working efficiency of machine tools. First of all, through the optimization of the program, it can significantly reduce the probability of empty tool. Secondly, excellent programming will take into account the advantages and disadvantages of its own machine tool. The program tailored to the specified equipment is conducive to improving the accuracy and reliability of machine tool processing, reducing the scrap rate of trial parts and the debugging time of parts. Thirdly, the optimization of NC program can further improve the processing capacity of NC machine tools, try to explore new processing methods and processes, and greatly enhance the processing potential of machine tools. Finally, NC programmers and Technologists should constantly improve their professional ability, update their cognition of NC Specialty, and improve the quality of NC programming.

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