Laser brazing and its advantages

Laser brazing refers to the method of using filler metal with a melting point lower than that of the base metal to heat the filler metal to a temperature higher than the melting point of the filler metal and lower than the melting temperature of the base metal, wetting the base metal with liquid filler metal, filling the joint gap and diffusing with the base metal to connect the weldment. It is mainly used for welding the aluminum body frame structure, such as the connection between the top cover and the enclosure, doors and other products.


  1. Reduce pure laser welding defects, such as pores, cracks and excessive product fit clearance.
  2. Improve the weld strength to obtain a perfect weld bead.
  3. Brazing means that the base metal does not melt, but only the filler metal melts.

4.The brazing deformation is small, and the joint is smooth and beautiful. It is suitable for welding precision, complex components composed of different materials.

  1. Small heat affected area and high compressive strength.

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