How to install the distribution box

1. How to install the distribution box

Surface installation: The distribution box is installed in the living room. When it is installed on the wall, it needs to be reinforced with open bolts. The embedded length of the bolts isBetween 75 and 150 mm, it is the sum of the thickness of the bottom plate of the box, the thickness of the nut and the washer, plus 5 mm. The small accessory box can be embedded in the installation place with wooden bricks, and then fixed with wood screws in the place of the wooden bricks Just go to the distribution box.

Concealed installation: Put the distribution box in the wall, and leave holes in advance when stacking the wall. Note that its specifications are larger than the length and width of the distribution box.20 mm, the remaining depth is the thickness of the distribution box plus the thickness of the plaster on the inner wall of the hole. When reinforcing the distribution box, concrete should be filled between the wall and the box.

Second, what aspects should be paid attention to when installing the distribution box

1. Ensure that the distribution box is stable, horizontal and vertical, and the vertical deviation should not exceed 3 mm. When installing, there is no gap around the box, the board is close to the wall, and the place where the box and the building are in contact must be painted with anti-corrosion paint .

2. A spiral fuse will be installed inside the distribution box. Its power cord must be connected to the port of the middle contact, and the load line must be connected to the screw terminal, so that there will be no risk of electric shock when installing and removing the fuse core. Porcelain plug style fuses should be installed vertically.
3. Different types of power sources in the distribution box must be marked, and the lighting distribution box must be equipped with a bus to protect the wires, and each line must be connected to it, but it cannot be handed over, and it must be numbered.

4. When pulling the wire out of the panel, make sure that the panel wire hole is smooth and free of burrs. The metal panel must be equipped with an insulating protective cover, and the metal shell distribution box must be grounded.

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