How to effectively improve the quality of sheet metal processing?

With the increasing number of domestic sheet metal processing manufacturers, the competition of sheet metal processing has reached an unprecedented level; Therefore, improving the quality of sheet metal processing has become the inevitable choice for the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises to survive and grow! So, as a sheet metal processing enterprise, how can we effectively improve the quality of sheet metal processing?

1、 Strictly follow the scientific and effective sheet metal processing process.

Sheet metal processing is a highly organized and process oriented processing technology; To do a good job in sheet metal processing, strictly abiding by the scientific and effective sheet metal processing process is an essential choice; The scientific and effective sheet metal processing process is to clarify the production outline, determine the production type, analyze the part drawing and product assembly drawing, analyze the skills of the parts, select the blank, draw up the skill path, determine the machining allowance of each process, and calculate the process scale and the equipment, cutting tools, fixtures, measuring tools and some auxiliary tools required for each process, Determine the cutting quantity and man hour quota, as well as the skill requirements and inspection methods of each main process, fill in the skill documents and make corresponding records.

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2、 Do a good job in various mechanical operations during sheet metal processing.

In sheet metal processing, effective mechanical operations can effectively control various processing quality; Common mechanical operations that must be done well are as follows:

  1. Welding in sheet metal processing generally includes hydrogen arc welding, spot welding, manual arc welding and carbon dioxide shielded welding. When making spot welding, the welding position shall be considered.
  2. For the press riveting of the workpiece, the height of the stud and the pressure of the press should be considered. In addition, the stud should be flush with the surface of the workpiece to avoid scrapping the workpiece.
  3. After the sheet metal is processed, the appearance inspection shall be carried out, including dimensions. If there are problems, it shall be repaired or directly scrapped, so as to ensure the processing quality.

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