How to customize stainless steel sheet metal parts?

  1. Sundries on the bottom layer refers to the defect that the surface of the substrate is not treated and cleaned during surface treatment, which is the primary factor for the falling of the coating layer.
  2. The main reason why the coating layer falls is that the adhesion between the coating layer and the substrate is not enough. The primary means to check the adhesion are impact test and cross cut test.
  3. Exposed base material means that there is no coating on the surface, and the primary factor is missing spray and large-area scratch.
  4. The factors of appearance scratch are relatively complex and run through the whole process of commodity production, but they can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the scratch of commodities during processing; The second is the scratch of logistics in the production process.
  5. The principle of paint flow and powder deposition is roughly appropriate. Only paint flow occurs when spraying paint, and powder deposition occurs when spraying plastic. Both of them have shortcomings due to excessive spraying amount and thickness.

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