How to control the speed of laser cutting

How to control the speed of laser cutting? Here is a brief analysis for everyone:

When the cutting speed is too fast, the time for the laser beam and the raw material to contact each other is shorter, so the useful spot area on the surface of the workpiece will become smaller, and the width of the cut will also become smaller. Moreover, when the beam mapping point is close to the front edge of the incision, if the speed is too fast, the melting speed of the incision front will not keep up, and the roughness of the incision surface will be greatly reduced, and dross will appear in the lower part of the incision.

On the contrary, the cutting speed is not good enough, which will increase the time for the interaction of the raw material and the laser, and the area of ​​the useful spot will also become larger, and the slit will also become larger. At this time, there will be a problem that the melting speed is normal but the cutting speed cannot keep up, resulting in an overmelting reaction, which will result in an untidy and excessively wide cut.

In short, the laser cutting processing speed is one of the important factors that affect the cutting quality. Too high or too slow speed will all affect the flatness of the raw material surface. And if you want a fast laser cutting speed, you have to choose a high-power laser cutting machine. If the low-power laser cutting machine is beyond the boundary, the laser cutting is not only slow but also time-consuming and electricity-consuming.

That is to say, the faster the sheet metal processing speed, the lower the processing cost, and the greater the power, the stronger the ability of this sheet metal processing factory.

The above is the method of laser cutting speed control, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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