How can the sheet metal cabinet meet the requirements?

The structure shall meet the requirements of using accessories, and there shall be no assembly interference. On the premise of meeting the use performance, we must strive to have good workmanship, such as selecting standard parts and general parts as much as possible. The formwork design should try to select the general standard size, so as to meet the compatibility of market selection. In order to ensure that the communication is not interfered, anti-electromagnetism, etc. must be considered, and anti-dripping, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, etc. must be considered for indoor type. First of all, the packaging design is to ensure that the product quality is not damaged, so we must consider the strength of the packaging box, placement, stable and reliable transportation, etc. in addition, we must consider the convenience of customers and market requirements, and choose different packaging methods according to the distance, such as cartons, wooden cases, iron sheets, etc.

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