Fillet sheet metal accessory

The fillet radius between the flange and the wall of the stretching part should be greater than 2 times the plate thickness, that is, R2 ≥ 2T. In order to make the stretching process more smoothly, r2= (5~10) t is generally taken, and the maximum flange radius should be less than or equal to 8 times the plate thickness, that is, R2 ≤ 8t.

Diameter of the inner cavity of the circular stretching part: the diameter of the inner cavity of the circular stretching part should be d ≥ d+10t, so that the pressing plate will not wrinkle during stretching.

The thickness of the material after stretching is changed because the stress of the stretched part is different everywhere. Generally speaking, the bottom center maintains the original thickness, the material at the bottom fillet becomes thinner, the material at the top near the flange becomes thicker, and the material at the fillet around the rectangular tensile part becomes thicker.

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