Design of pressing plate

The pressing plate has the function of stripping the material of the punch and guiding the small punch. Its design content varies greatly according to different functions. The thickness and selection standard of the pressing plate are designed according to the product: movable pressing plate and fixed pressing plate. The clearance between the blank holder and the punch should be less than half of the die clearance. When designing the blank holder, the following matters must be paid attention to according to different products:

  1. The gap value between the pressing plate and the punch and the length of the punch guide part.
  2. Installation standard of auxiliary guide post and pressing plate and design of escape part of pressing plate.
  3. Countermeasures to prevent tilting of movable pressing plate during stamping processing.
  4. Dimensional relationship between the guide pin hole of the fixed guide plate and the pressing plate.
  5. The relationship between the material guide part of the fixed pressing plate and the width of the processed material.

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