Deep drawing

Deep drawing is a kind of stamping processing method to punch a certain shape of flat blank into various open hollow parts, or take the open hollow parts as blank to reduce the diameter and increase the height.

  1. Shape of drawing parts

The shape of drawing parts(custom sheet metal parts) shall be as simple and symmetrical as possible. Axisymmetric deep drawing parts have uniform deformation in the circumferential direction, easy die processing and the best manufacturing performance. For drawing parts of other shapes, sharp contour changes shall be avoided as far as possible.

  1. Depth of drawing parts

According to the material properties of sheet metal parts, the depth of circular drawing parts will have different restrictions. Generally speaking, the depth shall not exceed 0.2 times of the diameter. The depth is too deep and it is easy to tear. Shallow drawing should be used as much as possible in the design of deep drawing parts. Shallow drawing has better manufacturing performance(sheet metal manufacturer)and lower cost than deep drawing.

  1. Corner of drawing part

The corner part of each adjacent wall of the drawing part shall transition with an arc of suitable size to prevent the corresponding part of the die from being easy to wear and produce stress concentration, and the right angle connection is easy to cause the drawing part to be pierced. Generally, the deep drawn root fillet R1 ≥ T, the deep drawn top fillet R2 ≥ 2T, and the deep drawn corner fillet R3 ≥ 4T. When the design allows, the larger the fillet radius, the easier it is to draw.

  1. Dimensional accuracy of drawing parts

The dimensional accuracy of sheet metal in deep drawing should not be too high. At the same time, because of the change of the wall thickness of the sheet metal part, the sheet metal part can only ensure the internal or external dimensions of the feature during deep drawing, but not its internal and external dimensions at the same time.

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