Brief introduction of embossing process and coining process

Embossing and embossing processes are widely used in sheet metal parts, including label pasting position indication, product code, production date, version, manufacturer code, and even pattern. These two processes can be used for processing.

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①Embossing process

Embossing is to change the thickness of the material, fill the extruded material into the undulating die cavity, and form undulating patterns or words on the parts.

Generally, it is carried out in the closed mold to avoid the metal being squeezed out of the mold cavity; For larger parts or parts with special shape and trimming after forming, it can be carried out in the open die. In order to obtain good surface quality of parts, the blank shall be annealed, pickled and sandblasted before forming.

②Coining process

Coining process is similar to embossing, but the depth of deformation is small and the pressure required is also small. Coining method: when the depth h ≤ (0.3 ~ 0.4t), it shall be carried out on the smooth concave die; When the depth H > 0.4t, it is carried out on the concave die with corresponding groove matched with the punch. The width of the concave die is larger than that on the punch, and the depth is shallower than that on the punch.

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