Blanking link

As for the blanking link, generally speaking, blanking refers to the separation of sheet metal materials through the stamping of the die, so as to realize the separation of sheet metal. This link is usually applied to the processing of parts with relatively simple processing shape, so as to achieve a high degree of accuracy of processing shape and minimize the waste of materials. In this link, first of all, the shape of the blanking sheet metal parts should be controlled. In the corner area of the outer and inner holes of the blanking, an arc should be set to excessive the corner, so as to avoid sharp angle and reduce the problem of mold cracking caused by improper subsequent heat treatment, which will affect the subsequent sheet metal construction; Then, the punching and its minimum value should be optimized. Usually, when punching sheet metal parts, if the punching size of the punched sheet metal parts is small, the load on the punch will be reduced to a great extent. However, if it is too small, it is easy to cause the data of the pressure carried by the die to suddenly become more, which will affect the quality of the actual die. For example, in this link, the punching of sheet metal parts should be set according to different load targets of sheet metal parts. In the basic state, the length of the hole diameter should be more than twice the hole spacing and greater than 3.00mm. Finally, the cantilever and groove on the blanking part should be set to avoid being too narrow or too long in the actual process application link, so as to improve the strength of the relevant die edge and control the notch width of the cantilever to be greater than 200 sheet metal thickness.

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